Asphalt Manufacturing Plants

What sets us apart from other road services is that we have two asphalt plants to produce premium-quality road surfaces for our projects. Sourcing high-quality and large quantities of raw materials can be complex. Having our own asphalt plants means:

Our Equipment

We have an assembly of modern equipment we use for our projects.

While we primarily serve the mid-west regions, we’re open to projects outside this and can transport our equipment to some other parts of WA. Contact us to find out.

Asphalt Plant

Catwest have 2 asphalt plants, one fixed and one mobile which are both regularly environmentally tested. Our main plant can make up to 80 tonnes per hour whilst our secondary plant can make up to 30 tonnes per hour. Our mix designs are Main Roads Western Australia approved.


Catwest currently have 3 Wirtgen profilers in varied cutting sizes. Our largest with a cut of 1.8meters in width and fitted with a dust suppression system has been essential to enable our crew to get their requirements completed efficiently and ahead of time. Our smallest with a cut of 500mm in width is great for our smaller jobs and to complete tie-ins. We also have a profiling attachment for our bobcats.


We have two pavers to suit varied job sizes. Our smallest has the ability to lay a width of 1.8m to 3.5m and our largest has the ability to lay a width of 2.5m and 5m.
We have balloon light attachments to ensure safety through night works and attachments to ensure quality of work is consistent.


Spray Trucks

Catwest’s bitumen spray trucks have been a great asset for us. The trucks are Main Roads calibrated yearly and are equipped with an internal cleaning system to ensure dumping of waste materials is not needed. Our second spray truck is fitted with left and right taper bar sprays which allow for us to have a precise spray.

Flocon trucks at the Catwest yard in Geraldton

Flocon Trucks

Our flocon trucks form an essential part of our truck fleet and assist our teams with their smaller jobs. The two flocons both have the ability to lay asphalt and spray emulsions via spray bar and hand lance. Both are fitted with edge break attachments making it a one stop shop for our maintenance crew with all their job requirements.

Crew Truck

Our crew truck is our Swiss army knife of our plant and machinery. This truck is fit with a water tank, an emulsion tank, tool storage, an air compressor and bulk diesel storage with the ability to dispense. This truck can also be used for spraying seal via the spray bar or by hand lance.

We also have a trucks, utes and ancillary fleet to accompany our specialised equipment.